Bermuda Outplacement


Dear Camille Mosley,


The Bermuda staff was very impressed with Victor and the services of LHH. They were skeptical at first that he would know anything about their island. But after a few hours of him sharing his own stories, listening to theirs, showing empathy to their situation and demonstrating his knowledge of the outplacement process, he won them over. They were very impressed that he took the time to research the employment market in Bermuda. Thank you so much for introducing us to Victor and making this a successful process.



Warmest regards,

Sandy Thorne
Senior Manager, International HR
Washington, DC


Symmetricom Outplacement


Saludos Victor (Negron):


I appreciate all your support during the last three (3) months and your coaching has enable some of our employees to find a job in this very tight market. I will be contacting your office shortly to arrange an appointment.


Thanks for your valuable support!

Best regards,

Oscar Marrero

VP of Operations & General Manager


Buen día:


Fui la escogida para una posición de Planner que había hecho entrevista el viernes pasado.


Gracias por la ayuda que todos ustedes me han brindado. Ha sido muy útil toda la información brindada durante todo este proceso.


Son un equipo de excelencia y calidad por lo que les deseo lo mejor. Sigan adelante.




María del Carmen Seda


Symmetricom of Puerto Rico LTD


Pharmacuetical Manufacturing Plant Outplacement

YB-A: I am very grateful and satisfied with the services rendered by your consulting group. For me is a real success to be able to update my Resume, as well as been able to understand where I am standing in relation to the Market that I am looking for in this adventure of “Job Hunting”, in such a rough and competitive world.


Mr. Victor Colon and Ana Rodriguez are always there for me willing to help and guide me in this process that is really not easy; neither comfortable, when you are unexpectedly separated from your job. A job that you like and enjoyed; after 18 years of service, and reaching the age of 50.


Now I have more clear where I want to go; thanks to the help of my consultant, Victor Colon. Even though we still working in my case, I already feel more focused and relaxed about all this process.

Thanks again!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year.


AC-R: “VCR Consulting Group, Inc., Lee Hecht Harrison, have helped me very much. The dynamic is different, a very valuable resource. I hadn’t done a resume in about 20 years! With all earnestness, you’ve helped me find a better job.


RM-Gz: “VCR Consulting Group, Lee Hecht Harrison. Very good, I highly recommend. Everything was great. I really liked the service.”


MD-S: (husband) “She liked the service. Helped to her to prepare her resume


JR: “Dear Victor: The exception you made with me worked wonderfully I got hired by Alcon Labs. Thank you again for your Midas touch.”

LHH Global Project Service


I want to share the feedback HR provided to our corporate contact at … regarding the services you and your team have been providing. It appears all is going well and the workshop participants found the service very beneficial. Thanks to you and your team for all you have done to meet their needs and demonstrate that they made the best choice of service providers!


Cindy Woodruff
Vice President – Project Director
LHH Global Project Services


Special Thanks Victor,

It was wonderful to have finally met you!

You are a very exciting individual to be with, your sharing of business philosophy and your faith was inspirational.


The conversation also aided in my filtering of my specific talents and goals. With your thoughtful guidance I am now reassured of my current strategy. I am going to expand my current 4 small business accounts by 50% during the next 12 months as I transition to Rincon. Additionally as directed by the Holy Spirit I am going to continue working in the Mission Field of lost pagan souls in which the gospel of our Lord is so sadly wanting. Thank you so much. At this time I will be continuing my strategy myself but if I at some point I decide on another direction you will be my first contact.


Pax Christi.


Steve Bramlage

Estimados mios,


Lamento no haber podido estar esta última reunión, pues sé que hubiera sido de gran provecho.


Yo soy quien debo agradecerles su tiempo y dedicación, para mi ha sido un servicio excelente y que me ha ha ayudado inmensamente a ver desde otra perspectiva lo que es una búsqueda de trabajo. Ahora estoy mucho mejor preparada y de proponérmelo, mis posibilidades de lograr adquirir un buen puesto han aumentado en un cien por ciento.


Gracias mil y espero en el futuro sigamos en contacto.


Cordial saludo,


Silvia Basilis